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English Lessons at SOCOPA have changed a lot since 2018 when we first started and since 20th March 2020.
We were meeting as a formal class on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 09:30 to 12:30, with a discussion group on a Friday from 10:00 to 12:00.
We will meet again as a “formal” class when permitted but I think that the way we will support learners has permanently changed so that we can all benefit from greater flexibility.
Firstly, can I ask what IT equipment you have at home:
Phone only
How to do you prefer to meet with people online:
Other (please state)
My email address is Lindaosborne56@hotmail.co.uk. If you do not use email, get a friend to email me your name and telephone number and I will make contact by Whatsapp

Our support/lessons are based on a range of books – DK English for Everyone. You can view the full range herehttps://www.dk.com/uk/category/education-english/
Although you can buy them there you can also by them elsewhere. Major bookshops and online – Amazon at the moment is the cheapest and delivers fast

There are four levels
1 – entry level 1
2 – entry level 2
3 – entry level 3
4 – level 1
I have scanned copies of the first lessons from these books for you to look at and a few others.
There is also an App available at both the Apple App store and Google play store – search for DK English for everyone. All the audio exercises for all the books are included in this app plus some free online exercises. You can also buy more online exercises. When you first download the app you will need to register before you get access. It is a simple process – your email address and a password – I have suggested that all my students use Socopa19.
I suggest that you look at the samples and the app – then make contact with me again – suggesting we meet up online (please state method/date/time).
I have all books here and when you have made your decision of where to start and made your order – I will keep you supplied with scanned copies of the units until the books are delivered.
I suggest that you work through the exercises by yourself – listening to the audio (very important) – sending me a copy of the exercises for marking. This will enable me to spot areas where you need further support. And of course, we can meet up online when you have particular problems and questions.

Looking forward to talking to you

Best Wishes



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The Somali Community Parents Association (SOCOPA) was set up in 2005 with the aim of helping Somali refugees and migrants in Leicester understand and access key services including health, education and housing. We act as a focal point for the community, offering practical support and leadership to improve people’s lives.

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