We provide counselling, addiction services e.g. khat, alcohol and   gambling, victim support, socially isolated women support, youth leadership   development and crime prevention, youth sports and recreation programmes,   services for elderly people and general community development. We are also   supporting fathers to be actively involved in their children’s education and   development. We provide advice and assistance to families to improve their   living standards and cope with the difficulties that come from being unemployed   and on a low income.  We provide support and assistance to parents and young   people who are isolated or have difficulty in accessing services. We encourage   family cohesion through workshops and disseminating information.

We   encourage parents to be actively involved in their children’s education.  We   initiate and give the community the opportunity to develop youth services and   positive attitudes that promote integration. We have provided advice,   signposting and advocacy for 150 people. We have engaged over 50 unemployed   people in St. Mathews and St. Marks and given them support with driving theory,   ESOL and given them free driving lessons.  We gave ICT training for 12 women and   we also provide youth activities on weekend and have provided after school study   support. Through our dedication and willingness to assist the marginalised   ethnic minorities in the UK, particularly Leicester.