Executive Summary This report presents the findings of year two of external evaluation of Leicester Young Ecology Adventurers. Data was collected using a mix of methods centred on gathering young people’s perspectives on project impacts and stakeholder feedback on delivery.  Headlines: • Young participants in both 2017 and 2018 enjoyed the project, learnt new skills and about waterway heritage, and achieved the John Muir Award. • Parents highly valued the project, and reported an increased interest in waterways, outdoor recreation and green spaces for their families. • Project partners regarded the project as a success. • Good progress was made in achievements related to each headline outcome. • Enhancements were made to the 2018 programme as a result of the pilot, including programme changes, new activities, and the addition of youth workers and ‘young leaders’, all of which heightened the success of the project. • The successful project model developed between 2017 and 2018 provides a means through which other potential future projects might be organised – in Leicester or elsewhere. • There is considerable enthusiasm within the community for further projects relating to outdoor recreation and heritage, but consultation with parents should be prioritised to identify future programmes. The second year of the programme was successful with positive feedback from participants, and all partners satisfied with delivery. Good progress has been made across all key outcomes which were tracked by evaluation activity. Many of the challenges and problems encountered during the pilot phase were addressed, making delivery more efficient. Programme achievements for all three groups of young participants (2017 and 2018): • 50 young people, completed 124 hours of activities over 23 weeks • 6 volunteers attended the sessions equalling around 210 hours of volunteering • 50 young people and 3 volunteers achieved John Muir Award • 6 volunteers received certificates from Canal and River Trust • 15 young people met with Canal & River Trust staff to talk about their experiences • 60 parents and around 20 community representatives attended Graduation Events • 2 young people discussed their experience on local radio • The project was shortlisted for the Living Waterways Award in the Education and Skills category, coming Runners Up at the event in Birmingham.

LYEA Evaluation 2nd Report FINAL