How reading can help children to escape poverty???

we realise educational unfairness in Somalia widens the inequalities among the communities and gender.

the long term civil war and lack of prober government has made children in somalia to miss out the education.

According to European commission report 2014.
Key challenges

There are numerous very substantial challenges in Somalia as evidenced by various indicators, in particular: low participation rates at all education sub-sectors, high drop-out rates starting already in lower primary education, very low participation rates of girls and women, complete absence of a cohesive education system approach, generally very low quality in the delivery of education services and so forth. In addition, there is a challenge posed in the informal education sub-system in view of the generally low level of adult literacy (estimated at some 20% of the population). These problem sets require a conclusive and transparent process of priority identification for the programming of interventions in light of their contribution towards achieving the strategic goals as identified in the SISAS:

Priorities for interventions

  1. Programmes need to improve the participation levels, particularly of girls/women in primary and basic education. However, an exclusive concentration on supporting the development of the primary and basic education (sub-) sectors would be short – sighted and not compatible with a systemic approach, which is the lead orientation for intervention designs.
  2. Secondary education interventions shall be continued and expanded in order to address the continued need for advanced education and system building.
  3. In addressing the quality challenges and direct impacts, pre-service teacher training for primary and secondary education need to be given a more prominent focus.
  4. In order to improve the education sector contribution towards peace building and better governance and improve the livelihood of focus target groups, a combined approach of literacy adult education coupled with skills training and economic measures is identified as a priority. in order to address the above acknowledged challenges SOCOPA is committed to support Schools and Health projects in Puntland State of Somali by organising Diaspra and identifying possible sponsors in Europe to support communities and children and young people.
    we support the Jama Salah Primary and interymeate School in Puntland State Of Somalia in  Mudug Region.