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SOCOPA has been a delivery partner of Barnardo’s See Hear and respond programme. We worked under the Therapeutic strand under this programme. Here we provided children and families with therapeutic support where we spoke with them regularly over the phone and in person at our office.

The purpose of this therapeutic support was to create a space for children and parents to speak about any of their concerns they may have, where we would then explore possible solutions to these problems.

For Families that needed that extra support were able to apply for the crisis fund, here we were able to give practical support such as giving laptops, fridges, washing machines, winter clothing and more. We helped over 10 children and over 5 families who needed practical support to get them through the tough quarantine period. Children are now able to keep up with their school and homework feel more connected to their family and friends. As SOCOPA we have created good relationships with these families as we still support them after this programme had finished.

MH Barnardos Feedback:

I received support with language barrier as we speak the language. I felt welcomed and also felt that they listened attentively to my worries about my housing situation. They gave me support and gave information to help my family and myself. I am glad about the service SOCOPA have provided for us and are thankful.

FG Barnardos Feedback:

I was looking for a very long time for someone to help with filling out forms. I did not know who could help me before and was asking around, it was very difficult for me as there was no one to translate. I am very glad that I received help from you to fill out my forms and help with my housing problem. SOCOPA was recommended to me by other women in the community and so came to get help from you which I have and very satisfied with the service provided.

Sphere Science

Since January this year, our students from SOCOPA have been presenting space science activities to families in our local community. These family activities, although being delivered online, have been a great help in getting families to have something fun and interactive during the lockdown period. Families were able to destress and have an enjoyable time while learning something new about space. Over the course of these sessions’ students have shown families how to make rocket mice, spinners, jumping beans, planispheres – only to name a few- as well as having explained the science behind them.

Our students also presented historic and modern-day scientific research about the aurora and the sun along with a special planetarium session on constellations.

The combination of hard work from Sarah Langford from Sphere Science, Dr Helen Mason from the University of Cambridge, Dr Jennifer Carter from the University of Leicester and our Students and staff from SOCOPA had made the Space science celebration a complete success and was recognised by the Mayor of Leicester, Sir Peter Soulsby, who graciously gave our students their certificates.

We also received appraisals from the people we were working with on this project.

Food Bank

In partnership with Leicestershire cares, we have had the opportunity to set up a food bank at out local office for anyone in the community to drop in and take some of the foods we have. This has been a great help to many families in the local community, particularly in this period of coming out of the lock and quarantine period where some are left unemployed or with low income and unable to have the basic food necessities. The foods donated include a range of dry foods nutritionally balanced and non- perishable which provides people with

Having a running food bank has given hope to the people in need and in turn give social cohesion amongst us all. Through this food bank we have also supported sustainable food and environment by reducing waste and giving unused foods to those who really need it.


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The Somali Community Parents Association (SOCOPA) was set up in 2005 with the aim of helping Somali refugees and migrants in Leicester understand and access key services including health, education and housing. We act as a focal point for the community, offering practical support and leadership to improve people’s lives.

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