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Mission and Vision


SOCOPA exists to provide support to people of Somali origin in the Uk, particularly Leicester and Leicestershire .  We provide advice and assistance to individuals and families in need; offer education, training and health programmes and advocate for the needs of Somali community by engaging with public bodies and other organizations.


Our vision is for Somalis to contribute to and benefit from life in the UK as prosperous, educated and active citizens who are equal to others.  Our religion, culture and language is treasured and we encourage new generations to value and respect this heritage as they grow up in British society.


As a result of measurable support from SOCOPA…

  • Families and vulnerable individuals are better able to engage with public and statutory bodies, avoid crisis points and reduce the stress and anxiety that this can cause.
  • Young people will continue to improve their performance at school (various measures) and the continue to further and higher education.
  • Somalis in Leicester will grow in prosperity particularly through rates of employment amongst younger generations that are comparable with the best.
  • The health and well-being of the most vulnerable members in the Somali community will improve, particularly those who are isolated, the elderly and those with long-term health conditions.
  • Somalis will continue to celebrate and value their cultural and religious heritage through community events and other initiatives.
  • There will be a greater understanding of the needs of the Somali community amongst public service organisations such as health services, the local authority and police.


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The Somali Community Parents Association (SOCOPA) was set up in 2005 with the aim of helping Somali refugees and migrants in Leicester understand and access key services including health, education and housing. We act as a focal point for the community, offering practical support and leadership to improve people’s lives.

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