Safer Together Somali youth Program

Safer Together Somali youth Program

SAFER TOGETHER EVENT JUNE 30TH, 2018 | 4PM-9PM ST MATTHEWS COMMUNITY CENTRE, 10 MALBAR ROAD LEICESTER,LE1 2PD Somali Devlopment Services In Partnership with SOCOPA Present the inaugural The Safer Together partnership is funded by The Office of Police and Commissioner...



we wish you all , this Eid you stay surrounded by your loved ones and Allah showers all his blessings on you. Happy Eid!!...

Advice and support from your local POLICE BEAT SURGERY

Advice and support from your local POLICE BEAT SURGERY

There will be POLICE BEAT SURGERY at SOCOPA; 19 Brunswick Street .You can meet your LOCAL NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICE team on the following dates and times: Waxaad la kulmi kartaa Booliska xaafadda si aad talo iyo cawimaad uga hesho la xiriirta arrimaha ka dhacaya xaafada oo...

On behalf of Harriet and myself, just to say thank you once again for organising such a great meeting yesterday. We were extremely taken by the warm and generous reception you and the community gave us, and we both found it an extremely enlightening and useful session. We’re both very grateful to you for organising, and to the whole community for giving up their afternoon to welcome us. Please do pass on our most sincere gratitude and thanks to your colleagues.Harriet has of course promised to return to Leicester, so I hope we shall see you again soon. With all best wishes,

Claudia Garland

I am thankful to the Somali Community Parents Association who helped me in passing my driving theory test. They provided me with a friendly environment. The tutor was kind and polite who not only guided me well but also gave a boost to my morale. I appreciate that they gave me individual attention to pass my test. I hope they will continue their good efforts so that they will be a well known centre in Leicester.


I appreciate the help I received from the Somali Community Parents Association; they were polite and very positive with a great attitude towards the participants. SOCOPA helped me with my theory test; they booked it for me and gave me the support and confidence to pass it, as well as providing me with free driving lessons for my practical test which I took a week after I has passed my theory test. I also passed my practical exam and I wouldn’t have done it without the help from the Somali Community Parents Association.

Ayub Mohamed Abdi

I am 21 and SOCOPA has helped me improve my skills and has helped me work hard towards my future objectives such as finishing university and finding work. It has helped me improve my organisational skills and has made me the person I am today. SOCOPA organisation helped me improve my A level biology grade immensly due to the tuition they offered. Overall my previous grade increased, I am very thankful to this organisation me for helping me with my academic education.

Imisra hasan


19 Brunswick Street


Charity registration number is 1152565